Chocolate tarts, yet again

I made a batch of my sister’s healthy cookies because in the process of cleaning out (sorta) my spice cabinet-from-hell I found a good 3 pounds of dried fruits and a couple bags of errant nuts. I do like these cookies, even if my niece, Mary K’s daughter, does not. I used apricots, dates, cherries and blueberries, and cashews, hazelnuts and pecans (2 cups of each, 2 cups of coconut and a can of sweetened condensed milk). When I had 2 baking sheets filled with unbaked cookies I still had a baseball sized amount of the dough leftover which was not enough to wait until these were baked and make another half pan.

I thought I could use it to make a crust for a chocolate tart (for my friend Jason, a Milwaukee cop, and his girlfriend, a dietician). The stuff tastes very coconut-y and with the addition of some chocolate could be very Almond Joy-y.

I used a baking ring to make the small crust, blind baked it and then filled it with some filling that the recipe described as “truffle-like” and then, once it was out of the pastry ring, I was to glaze it with some other shiny chocolate crap. The fun part was getting the fucking thing out of the pastry ring. I am not clever enough to have realized I needed to grease the damn thing. I hate baking.

And apparently am a glutton for punishment because I do it all the freaking time.

I will have to rely on their opinion of it since it’s the Month of Pain.

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