Chocolate malt cake

This cake was amazing. And yes, I did use a box cake mix. Three layers of malted milk chocolate cake, malted hot fudge glaze, and malted crunchy (sorta) topping was freaking awesome. Adapted freely from the Milk Cookbook. And when I say freely, I mean super, wildly free, like running unclothed except for a few brightly colored silk scarves in the forest free, since I doubt they’d in any way approve of the use of the box cake. But I used malted milk instead of water, 4 instead of 3 eggs, 1/2 cup of oil instead of 1/3, a box of Hershey’s chocolate pudding and some other secret embellishments. But the glaze on top and between the layers which required a cup of glucose (who just has that lying around their house? Answer: me) was astonishingly delicious.

Unfortunately, it was a disaster for my kitchen. And the wire whisk, which has a handle that is heavier than the whisk part, flipped out of the bowl twice onto the damn floor. Glucose is not easy nor necessarily fun to clean out of a rug. But you could probably boil the kitchen runner on my floor and get a pretty flavorful, if not particularly delicious, broth of some sort.

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