Chocolate cake OCD

I don’t know why this happens. I find a food item I like, like making and blammo, I’m making it every other day it seems. I’ve made 4 of these since Christmas. Three of them were half size which is one thing that attracts me to it. You can make a small layer cake so there’s not a massive amount left over. Not that it would go to waste…the locusts in my office will eat nearly anything as long as there are not raisins in it.

It’s a little dangerous making anything chocolate for the Chocolate Sommelier (see here) but it was the sommelier’s (Karen’s) birthday and the cake was made from my favorite Finnish chocolate and the frosting with some French cocoa that I was assured by the RIMFCP is the finest in France when we bought it in Paris. So I felt I couldn’t go too wrong with it and despite the fact that I’m essentially killing this recipe for myself by making it too much, I made it. 

It was good I think. She said it was but who knows, she’s very polite. 

Anyway it was the effort that counts. Not to mention that fact that this entirely disrupts my Month of Pain diet…so making, and eating this is selfless…

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