China in Berlin

I decided one day last week that I wanted Chinese food for dinner. His excellency, the captain of the constabulary is not big on Chinese food but sometimes he can be persuaded to experience food outside his realm of particular tastes (I mean, he eats steak tartar fer chrissake) and I googled “best chinese” or something like that and came up with many options. Peking Ente (Peking Duck) came up on several lists and looking at reviews could see only glowing praise of the food. The bad reviews were complaints about not getting enough dumplings per order or not being told in advance about their credit card policy.

Not being one to worry about dumplings per order or credit cards in general, I chose it. The setting was not glorious. Brightly lit and no table clothes but the servers were all Chinese and the crowd had definite Chinese bent to it. But the food—OH MY GOD, the food was exquisite. Herr Captain of the Rice Brigade turned his nose up slightly at the quality of the rice but the eggplant was right straight out of this world, the dumplings were delicious (and I had no quarrel with the qty), kung pao chicken was terrific and the crispy duck was good…not great I’d have to say…but the rest of it was so good we went back a few days later for lunch.


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