Chicken Sloppy Joes

Sloppy joes for 60. My niece and nephew are having a baby and with that comes a baby shower. It was at our family cottage group and I made sloppy joes (is this sloppy joes or Joes, I dunno). This is no real challenge, Sloppy Joes is Sloppy Joes for the most part but because I just have to fuss with every goddam thing and, well, to give them an extra layer of flavor I grilled the chicken first. Whatever. It made no difference. There was no “layer” of flavor. But they were good and it was a beautiful day and the event was glorious. 

And if that wasn’t enough I learned an invaluable lesson. You cannot put slow cooker crocks in the oven. 

The best thing, though, was that there was no gift opening. Thank you Jesus.

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