Chicken bolognese

I’m not sure what bolognese means exactly. Red sauce. Sage. Onions, carrots and celery. The Cook’s Complicated, er, Illustrated recipe calls for beef, pork and veal. Generally speaking I just use beef but I thought. Chicken, sage, onions, carrots and celery…what could be wrong about that? So I ground my own chicken and made it. It’s pretty easy. And I dumped in some mushrooms which I think violates something in the Bolognese Rule and Etiquette Handbook. But chicken and mushrooms? What could be wrong with that?

And nothing was. Until I neglected it for a few minutes, OK, an hour, to watch a documentary about parrots as pets, and sat weeping into my hands. Don’t get a parrot. Anyway I burned the sauce slightly. But that turned out to be OK. It’s just caramelization and it was good. Really good, just shy of great. Although I may have enjoyed it more if my eyes hadn’t been swollen shut from crying so hard.

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