Chicken and mushroom meatballs redux

This is a diet meal that owes a lot to the food processor. I have to be in the right mood to haul that damn thing out. And usually this will happen if it can multitask, in this case grinding mushrooms and chicken.

This is a cuisine minceur recipe from Gourmet Magazine a hundred years ago when cuisine minceur was still a thing. Cuisine Minceur is the French expression for “gourmet diet food” as if there is such a thing.  Of course, I did not follow the recipe, just the technique of combining the chicken with the cooked mushrooms which is a totally great idea. But then I went rogue. The recipe was originally tiny meatballs in delicate mushroom broth. I put a wallop of Italian herbs into the mess and used my handy new scoop to make not large but larger balls. And then slopped ’em into a sauce with peppers and onions. Yeah, no. 

Italian hockey pucks not the delicate little mushroom balls that so entranced my French class. I should know better. They were good enough. And, of course, I’ll eat any damn thing it turns out. Except anchovies.

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