Chicken and dumplings

This was a weekday dinner suggestion that got emailed to me from Martha Stewart (herself). An Easy-Breezy recipe that called for a rotisserie chicken, canned stock and ho-made dumplings. There are easy-breezy things I do but chicken and dumplings ain’t gonna be one of them. I went to Kettle Range, got a real chicken, stuffed it with lemon, sage and garlic and roasted it (at 500 degrees for an hour), removed the meat, browned the bones and made real stock in my Instant Pot. 

The rest of it, the soup, the dumplings was a trip to the park compared to that rigmarole (not that I minded a minute of it). I put green beans in it because Martha said to. Normally I would not. And now, having done it, I will still normally not.

It was great though and my nephew forgot to take the leftovers home so I had them for lunch, green beans and all. 

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