Chicharrones de pollo

Chicharrones are a very popular traditional Mexican snack. It’s not one I like particularly. Deep fried pig skin. Gracías no. Chicken skin is another matter.

I made a sort of enchilada casserole last Sunday that involved chicken thighs among other things. And because it was such a dismal day weather-wise I took the time to make some condiment additions to the dish, pepitas (Mexican pumpkin seeds) that I oven-browned in the pan of chicken fat after I’d roasted the thighs. And when that was done I took the skin off of the thighs, spread that out on the same pan and roasted it until it was crunchilicious. I also whipped up a cilantro (sorry Ann) salsa.

The casserole (because I was too lazy to roll them up individually after all that condiment making) was layered corn tortillas, cheese, black beans, sour cream and house-made salsa verde. What’s not to like? And if you’re worried Ann, there was no cilantro in the damn thing. 

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