Cheesecake for a change

I really have a small repertoire of dessert recipes. I make like 50 key lime pies a year and the other options are chocolate cake or Florence’s Orange Cake. It’s not that I am unfamiliar with cheese cake, I used to make a giant Piña Colada cheese cake every week in my restaurant but I don’t think I’ve made one since. So this past week instead of giant ones, I decided to make small ones. It’s surprisingly easy to do despite the photographic evidence. They are too small for the tops to crack  and who cares if they do, they get strawberries on top anyway.

When I’d finished I put them in the plastic containers I got from my mother and I realized it looked like I bought them…good thing I had all that photographic evidence. And then, in fact, I did get accused of buying them.

They were fine. Nothing to write home about although I guess they warrant a blog post. 

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