Cauchemars de poisson…fish nightmares

Fucking Whole Foods. Days before I settled on serving sole meuniere for French class I made a special trip to Whole Foods to make sure they carried it. They did indeed. 

I don’t get exactly high on the idea of fish but I enjoy a culinary challenge. And so, channelling my best Julia Child, I took a deep breath and forged ahead. Unfortunately on the day of the meal when I went to pick up the sole at WF, they were out of it. I asked the fish person what I could use instead of sole, she said, “nothing.” Gee, thanks for the help. The menu was set there was nothing to be done. I bought cod. 

What a mess. It tasted fine but it looked like hell. Julia would have been horrified. I certainly was the next morning when I woke up and the reek of fried fish assaulted me first thing in the morning. 

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