Cassoulet, or, why do the French have to be so complicated?

1. Beans, soak over night, discard water, add fresh, simmer for 3 hours with an onion, an entire head of garlic and a fresh pork hock

2. Remove duck legs from confit and reserve fat 

3.  Sauté duck legs and garlic sausage in duck fat, remove meat from duck legs

4.  Sauté pork shoulder in duck fat and rendered fat from garlic sausage

5. Add cooked garlic, tomato paste and bean simmering liquid to sautéed pork with a bouquet garni of thyme

6. Let everything rest to cool, preferably overnight

7. Assemble cassoulet layering beans, duck, pork hock meat, pork shoulder meat and garlic sausage covering with tomato sauce and now gelatinous bean liquid let rest, preferably overnight 

8. Discard the thyme, cover and roast for an hour at 350° uncover, gently combine layers and add bread crumbs to cover (bread crumbs sautéed in butter) continue to roast uncovered for another hour

(Three days later) Worth it. 

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  1. People, as an eager consumer of the above preparations I can enthusiastically report that the delicious result was totally worth the effort. Thanks, Michael.

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