Candied lime

My lime tree has a lot of little limes and since I was making one of those lemon/lime icebox cakes again, I thought little teeny lime slices on top would look cute in a, you know, masculine way. I made the cake with strawberries in the center because I had them (totally pointless but sorta pretty) and then decorated the top with little lime slices I’d boiled in sugar water for 15 minutes or something.

It was cute in a silly way but it turned out that these things had the consistency of leather and tasted like marijuana. If you like that sort of thing (not that I would have any idea what marijuana tastes like). I should have used blueberries. I don’t have enough blueberries to make a pie or even a small tart but there are enough to be a cute decoration on something. Anything really, they have no real taste. I could throw them in chili. (Chili season is coming!!!!)

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