Cakes and snakes

The last time I made Florence’s orange cake, and this happened for the umpteenth time, I ran frantically to the door, opened it and threw that goddam bundt pan off the balcony with such fury I tore my rotator cuff. I have no idea how often this had happened before (plenty, though) or why in the hell I tolerated it for so long…but enough was enough. 

OK, I didn’t throw it off the balcony but I discarded it and actually now that I think about it I wasn’t even living in my condo. I don’t have a balcony in my house to toss it off. I think I gave it to Good Will so that some other hapless doofus can have the fun of making a bundt cake with it.  It’s kind of on the same fun level as those cans of peanuts that have the exploding snake inside only in reverse. Half the cake stays inside the pan.

So anyway it’s my nephew’s birthday and I needed to make Florence’s orange cake, so I got a new one. It only cost $4,359,078.04. But hey, the cake practically leapt out of the pan on its own. In an exploding snake sort of way.

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