Butternut squash gnocchi: Food night

Had our quarterly Tastebuds (or is it Taste Buds….I dunno) food group. Theme was Italian and I jumped on the pasta thinking that Rabah, whose turn it was to decide the format, would want to be making the meat. He was too polite to tell me no. He loves to make pasta and so, as it turns out, we had 2 pasta courses. I would love (preferred!) to have made the meat course…meatballs, spedini, porchetta, or the thing my childhood Italian neighbor called “brajole,” I have no idea what it was except a big rolled roast stuffed with cheese and breadcrumbs. The possibilities were endless. Next time I’ll keep my yap shut.

I made butternut squash gnocchi with sage brown butter. It was good. All the food was good. More on that later.

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  1. That looks kinda delicious. So maybe when my Hanukkah party is over, oh and your sister’s party…we can all cook dinner (and what I mean is that you can cook dinner)…and we can enjoy without the pesky crowds. See ya soon!

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