Bread, it’s what for lunch

I ducked into a French bistro in Berlin to get out of the rain (rain is a constant apparently everywhere) but also to have lunch thinking that I’d be having at the very least some language interaction I could comprehend and at the upper end of the possibility scale, œufs mayonnaise, a popular (with me) luncheon item. I was disappointed on both counts. It looked French and it was called a bistro but it was German. Not that I was disappointed with the meal. It was bread. Who can be disappointed by bread. 

First there was beer which actually is just liquid bread. Grains, hops, yeast and water. Then, well, bread came. And I ordered panzanella, Italian bread salad. Actually it was listed on the menu as Ligurian bread salad but it was not that, what it was was arugula, cherry tomatoes and croutons. I’m fine with that even if it was a diminished version of what I had been imagining, and finally I ordered Berliner potato soup and it was good—covered in croutons—but they did not have the sliced white sausage that makes it Berliner, instead there was bacon. But that was fine. 

After all what could i expect in a French bistro in Berlin?

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