Braised red potatoes

Again with the Cook’s Illustrated. I have used this pot sticker method to cook a lot of things and so when I read about it in the fore-mentioned magazine I thought I’d give it a shot. It was surprisingly uncomplicated for CI who seems to love to make everything as complicated as possible (the pork chops I served with the potatoes, from America’s Test Kitchen [Cook’s Illustrated] were alarmingly difficult).

This recipe though, called for 2 cups of water and I used a scant 1.5. Somehow no matter who is telling me that the liquid “will boil away in 2 to 3 minutes” it seems to mean 40 to 90 minutes. Liquid does not “boil away” for me. This recipe called for “about 15” minutes covered and another “10 to 20” minutes uncovered for the liquid to boil away. How about a 30 minute initial boil (with a half cup less of liquid) and another half hour to get the potatoes browned.

The potatoes were awesome though. I think next time I’m going with 1 cup of liquid. Hey, I can always add more, time that is.

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