Boom chakalaka

I’m not sure what I expected chakalaka to taste like but I knew I had to buy these chips when I was in the snack aisle of the Rewe supermarket and I said “Chakalaka” out loud rather animatedly, as one does when presented with words like that. I had not realized there was a guy behind me also looking at the “Funny-Fresh” chip selection so rather than put the bag back in front of him I took it and fled.

We were wearing masks so he won’t know me on the street if he sees me, thank god, but he might recognize some of my dance moves if we were in, say, a discotheque.

The chips, with a name like chakalaka, were not exactly as chakalicious as you might expect. If I had to choose a name for them based on flavor it would be more on the order of Tralalalah or Doodle dee doo. And had they had that name I’d have avoided the embarrassing samba I was attempting in the store.

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  1. Thank you my foodie friend for my daily chuckle. There aren’t many of those to be had these days.

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