Bon Appetit cover fail

BA cover game weak. 

Sort of a clever idea. The cover is supposed to open like a refrigerator door. Unfortunately it did not. And it wasn’t just that it tore. It was freaking impossible to get off. It wasn’t exactly herculean but it was a pain and in the end it looked like shit. 

What was worse though was the inside. A picture of the inside of a refrigerator filled with lovely vegetables and happy, if idiotic tips, for refrigerator storage. YOU NEVER, EVER PUT TOMATOES INTO A REFRIGERATOR. Especially heirloom tomatoes someone has paid a lot of money for. Where was the editor, art director, photo stylist, printer’s rep??? Doesn’t anyone at the magazine know anything? This whole thing is a mess.

Thankfully there was only one recipe in the magazine I thought worth keeping so I can dispose of this issue with the crappy ripped cover, ASAP.

4 Replies to “Bon Appetit cover fail”

  1. Had you exhibited patience and care you might not have had such a disheartening experience with that horrid magazine cover.

  2. That may be true. But they are not really qualities that come easily to me. And even if I had, the refrigerated tomatoes would still have annoyed me. Annoyance, that comes easily to me.

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