Bolognese to stuffing and gravy

I was making Bolognese for my friend Karen and so I decided to also make stuffing and gravy for myself. The connection is right there. For Bolognese you need ground beef, chicken livers, sage, onion and celery — same for stuffing!!! I had one of these mind-blown emoji moments when I came to this realization.

I spent the day making the Bolognese (recipe here — great recipe but seriously, it’s a pain in the ass to make) and finished my day with a massive amount of mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy.

I made a freaking vat of it sending some of it home for Karen and some for her father. And then I gave a bucket of it to my niece and nephew. I got this text from my niece the next day.

Ahahahaha. She has 3 little kids. No way in hell she gonna make this.

I used a packet of turkey gravy I’d purchased on the off chance I’d need gravy for some damn thing or another (doctored the hell out of it, though) and I had half of a package of Brownberry Ovens sage and onion stuffing mix, plus 2 potatoes in my larder. It was a perfect end to a perfect day.

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