I don’t know if I have ever made a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. In any event don’t recall ever making one, only eating them. And I don’t think I have had one in decades. I don’t like to fry bacon in the house because I cannot get the smell out. I rarely have the kind of bread one uses for toast. And tomatoes, well, there are only a few days in the year when they’re perfect and I’d prefer to just eat them as they are. But I had an overwhelming urge to have a BLT. The weather was perfect for out-of-doors bacon frying so I made a deliberate trip to Breadsmith to buy the right kind of bread.

When I got around to actually making the sandwich I realized that I did not have mayonnaise. I mean, really?? Who does not have mayonnaise in their house??! Me, I guess. So I made some. I mean, who makes mayonnaise??! Again, me, I guess. It’s super easy and the result is smooth, glossy and delicious if possibly not exactly the right kind for BLTs.

I fried the bacon, made the sandwich and, well, it was one of those times when the memory of it is better than the actual product of the effort. Either that or I need to use Wonder bread and store bought mayonnaise to actually recreate what my memory seems to feed me. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it was not the BLT of my youth.

Now I have the loaf of bread and OMG it is calling to me right now and I have to decide whether I am going to wear it around my waist or on my ass.

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  1. Love me a BLT! Your bacon looks perfect! We like to use toasted Turano Bread. The round loaf makes great toast.

  2. I do like Turano bread. I served it in my restaurant. Once the Turano delivery guy came into the back of the restaurant to deliver his bill. I was on my hands and knees washing the floor and he walked on the clean wet floor and I knelt up and said kinda angrily, Who are you!? And he said Oh! Does the little man want to know? And I said The little man is the owner and stood all the way up. I was taller than he was. He apologized.

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