Bleu cheese cake

I served the buffalo chicken tarts without the damn bleu cheese sauce. So I had that in my refrigerator. There’s really not that much you can do with that. Maybe dressing on a wedge of lettuce. But aside from that I dunno. It doesn’t fit into my normal eating patterns. Fortunately I had a couple people over for more than a couple bottles of wine shortly after and I also had leftover tart dough so I whipped a couple of eggs into it and baked it. It was a small cake and not more than an inch thick. Cheese cake doesn’t need a lot of baking time so maybe 20 minutes in I realized it had set, which means it’s done. And took it out only to realize I should have blind baked the crust first because the it was not browned. It wasn’t even baked. 

This is a dilemma because you cannot overcook a cheese cake without diminishing returns. So I put it in the refrigerator and let it cool down. I put a pizza stone into the oven and preheated it to 400 degrees, the oven, not the stone, although that did get to be 400 degrees too. When the cake was cool, I put a parchment cover on top and set it right on the stone. It got browned and the cheese cake was none the worse for the wear.

It was delicious. And I am wearing it right now.

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