Bless me Father for I have sinned

And not for the first time.

When you go to confession, if you plan on being forgiven, you are actually obliged to list all of your sins since your last confession. When I was a kid this required me to make shit up but as I got older it became somewhat easier to come up with plausible (or possibly real) sins, and then, when I hit puberty, jeez, without going into too much detail, teenage boys are pretty much in a “near occasion of sin” 24 hours a day. Having to tell the priest every month that I was going to resolve to sin no more when clearly I was going to sin, and pretty much sooner rather than later, got old fast. I stopped going. It was just easier. Sure I was going to go to hell but better that then discussing the details with a priest.

A recent sin.

Laughing Taco. Oh my god are these great. I’d go to hell for them. I’ll meet you at the bar.

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