Blame it on Vienna

I cannot really say that I understand what happened here. I lost my footing. I was on a roll but then, I got out of sync, shit happened, I dunno, I was busy. I had too much German homework (this is true—the time I would have spent writing my blog was taken up by German homework. She gives me more damn homework than Sr what-the-hell-was-her-name Arnoldus, or something, she was substituting. Four long division sets. It was an absolute misery. I was in 6th grade maybe, and the shyest kid but when she assigned that I groaned out loud. She looked at me with the cold unfeeling eyes of a reptile and said in the flattest voice, “Well don’t do it then….see what happens.” I did the homework but I was scarred for life.)

Anyway, instead of writing blogs I have hausaufgaben. And it ain’t fun.

And then I went to Vienna, of which more later. But there I was just flat out BUSY from morning until I collapsed into bed at night. So, sorry about my absence. I was busy.

When we arrived, feeling a bit peckish, at our über groovy hotel we stopped at the bar for a snack. I ordered the “Sacher sausage.” The Sacher is the world famous hotel, mostly world-famous for its chocolate torte (of which also more later) and which was just around the corner from us.

I didn’t really give it too much thought but well. Vienna, Wien (German for Vienna), wiener…yes. It was a hot dog, ok 2 hot dogs and not even a hot dog bun. For $14, I said, with the cold unfeeling eyes of a reptile..

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  1. I think you are mistaken. The opening parenthesis is at the beginning of line 3. The ending parenthesis is, well, at the end.

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