I really have no idea what this crap is. It’s supposed to go in alcoholic beverages but I don’t drink them (I mean I don’t drink this kind of alcohol; old fashions, gin fizzes, martinis and suchlike, cocktails I guess you’d say) so I decided to use it in my aunt Florence’s orange cake. Otherwise it would sit in my liquor cabinet along with a bottle of meade, several bottles of Triple Sec (which I NEVER seem to have when I need it), a bottle of egg-based Italian Fil da Fer (don’t ask) and many other alcoholic beverages that will never see the light of day (except sometime in the very distant future when I move them to my new home, but that’s another long and sad story) and they are then put into a new location in their new home never to be touched again.

The bitters will though because really, it brought Florence’s orange cake to a new level. And the Royal Indian Mounted Food Control Police and I are making Florence’s orange cake for our wedding reception cake. I hope you’ll all join us and try it.

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