Birthday sadness

It’s been a week but I am still reeling from the disappointment. As a certain special sort of birthday treat I was going to buy myself a box of Dots. Going rogue like this is a once a year, at most, kind of extravagance in which I rarely indulge. It would be one thing if I could eat like 5 of them every couple of days but I cannot. Once the box is open it will be gone in about the time it takes to inhale.

So I went to the store (for other things too, I’m not that crackers) and imagine my disappointment. And now I have to wait another year.

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  1. My grand-daughter Maisie’s birthday is May 19th (9 years old), and I strongly suggest you transport the idea of your birthday to hers, and then go buy the DOTS. How old do you have to be to get what you want?? Do It!

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