Birthday haul

I’m not sure if I should even be admitting this. Although I guess it’s not a secret. I received a lot of nice presents for my birthday (which was yesterday for those of you who didn’t send lavish gifts, flowers, monetary recompense or even a lousy card). These stand out because A. I love them so much. B. I will have to store them for a week or two since I am being keto-y for the moment. And C. No matter where I put them they will be endlessly calling to me until I succumb to their obvious delights.

Hey, I never claimed to have sophisticated taste.

4 Replies to “Birthday haul”

  1. Happy belated birthday Michael! I’m sorry I missed it and didn’t contribute to your stash. And I will try to make up for it this summer by having you and your friend over for dinner!

  2. I honestly do not care in the least. It was just a funny post. But we’ll take you up on the offer. I assume by friend you mean my husband but if not I can scare up friend.

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