Bio Marché

Bio means organic. The Bio Marché is the organic Sunday produce market. It is glorious. I don’t know what that first picture is, but the woman who was buying it called it wild asparagus (in French so I could be really mistaken about that). It doesn’t look too wild to me. This is the same market where 2 years ago I was publicly shamed for touching a loaf of bread and cutting into the front of the line. Fortunately no one seemed to remember me. 

Can anyone tell me why we do not sell peonies as a cut flower in the US? They are so beautiful, they smell fabulous and they last forever. 

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  1. I agree about the peonies! When I saw your picture I said to Peter "look they sell peonies in the market there" how amazing. Wish I could grow them year round. I'm sure a greenhouse could.

  2. Peonies are my absolute favorite! FYI…I found cut peonies in a cute flower shop in Wauwatosa: the flower lady.

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