Best brownies

So Paul Hollywood got hold of Dorie Greenspan’s brownie recipe and “fixed” it. I’m not sure why he felt the need to fix her recipe since on the whole, I think her recipes are pretty damn good but since I also think he’s more attractive, I went with his version.

I didn’t do any kind of research to see what he changed but I figured, it’s Paul Hollywood, how bad could it be? And since I was having dinner with a certified chocolate lover I made his recipe (see it here), sent to me by my friend Sharon. I followed the recipe exactly which is pretty unlike me, including trudging over to the Chocolate Sommelier to purchase cocoa nibs and milk chocolate chips which apparently are “absolute necessities” in this recipe.

I have to say, they were excellent. Excellenter when I made the leftovers into ice cream sandwiches with salted caramel ice cream.

Paul, call me to discuss.

Paul Hollywood vs Dorie Greenspan, you decide

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  1. I use the old Cook’s Country classic brownie recipe. If you’ve used that one, what are your thoughts. I’m always looking for a better brownie recipe.

  2. They look great and your endorsement goes a long way. Typically I don’t think you are objective when it comes to Paul Hollywood but I think I think if they weren’t great you there wouldn’t be any post. So this recipe is from his newest book, Bake, that he claims are his best classic recipes. I ask why did he wait so long to write his best cookbook but that’s another discussion. On one of his many U.S. TV appearances to promote this book he mentioned that he tinkered with most of the recipes to perfect them including using less sugar. I am on the waiting list at the library to see the book as I can’t imagine purchasing one. However, I do have several Dorie Greenspan cookbooks so you see where I lean in the Dorie vs. Paul competition. To quote the fun Netflix food show, “Was it Worth It” — the cost and time? Will you make them again? And if so, will you save one for me?

  3. This was really just for fun. I love Dorie and I have never used a recipe of hers that wasn’t great. I will absolutely make them again. I have 60 pounds of cocoa nibs to use up. I’ll save you a corner.

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