Berlin im Ruckblick

Such a fun language.

Berlin is very racy apparently. Leather and rubber is a “clothing” shop. JAXX is a “club” for gentlemen wearing that “clothing.” Dildo King. ‘Nuf said. Sex macht schon when put into Google translate appears to mean “Sex is okay.”

K├╝nstlerbedarf. This language, Jesus. An art supply store.

We kept running into Robert Indiana. The entire time I was seeing this on posters all over Berlin and reading it as LOVE when in reality it is VELO, a bicycle festival. I wonder if Mr Indiana is aware of this.

Fabulous architecture.

Insane architecture.

Prostitution is legal in Germany. Or at least it is in Berlin. These “Eco Toiletten” provide convenient if malodorous trysting spots.

While there is a serious amount of graffiti in Berlin, it seems to be of a higher caliber than Italy’s.

This fabulous monumental sculpture. Seemed like it might work as a trysting spot as well.

I neglected to mention this amazing, adorable little restaurant in my food post. I go at 11:55. By 12:15 you cannot get a table. I had spaetzle with mushroom sauce. The noodles were boiled and then fried. So damn good.

She must have been tired.

The Berlin beach scene.

I nearly wet myself when I discovered (TBH, the Royal Mounted Police pointed it out to me) that the most recent David Hockney Four Seasons show was merely blocks from his house. It is four massive paintings each comprised of 8 individual pieces. I really like David Hockney and this show has had amazing reviews. Coulda fooled me. Meh.

The SONY Center is absolutely amazing and astonishing. Built on the wasteland between East and West Berlin. Unfortunately the restaurants in it are completely unremarkable, if not downright subpar.

Germans. They all look just like this.

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