Belatedly, Thanksgiving

Probably a blog about Thanksgiving after the fact is pointless. But the point is more about quantity than quality. Although the quality was excellent. Thanksgiving was a small affair. Just my mother and me, and my friend Judy (of the World Renown BBQ sauce recipe) recently returned to Milwaukee. A full-on Thanksgiving dinner for 3 seems like it would be impossible. But it’s not.

OK, there was a little too much mashed potato and I had left over turkey and stuffing, but you want that. I used boneless turkey thighs and one half of a breast, trussed and buttered. I thought everything was excellent. I can’t take too much credit because the stuffing recipe was my mother’s and the turkey, Julia Child’s. The pumpkin bread pudding, though, was my own and it was better than any pumpkin pie I ever had.

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