Beef Stroganish

I invited a friend over for dinner and he requested beef stroganoff. Since I am a know-it-all I didn’t bother to look at a recipe until after I’d jumped through all the hoops of finding morally unobjectionable beef chuck roast only to discover that you don’t use chuck roast for stroganoff. It’s not a long braised dish. It’s sirloin, or tenderloin, sautéed to medium rare (if that’s how you eat your steak) which is removed from the pan while you sauté mushrooms and onions and the meat is then returned to the pan and briefly simmered in sour cream sauce, and served on egg noodles. 

Fortunately you really can’t go wrong with slow roasted chuck roast, and anything in sour cream works. Well, perhaps not anchovies. 

And he didn’t know the difference. It was невероятный

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