Be prepared

I’m thinking that’s the Boy Scout’s motto. Or possibly the State of Wisconsin’s, or maybe it’s Appleby’s. I dunno but I am prepared.

When my sister sent me this grizzly pic of the vicious destruction of the first ripening tomato in her garden I leapt into action.

My own first tomato is just around the corner and to prevent this sort of mayhem I surrounded it with those prickly bird-away dealios. I’m not sure if it will do any good but as Appleby’s says, “Be Prepared.” I am, and I’ll sleep better.

And for the record Appleby’s may be prepared but their food still sucks and their tables are not clean.

2 Replies to “Be prepared”

  1. Ooooooo. That is vicious pest control. What about those tin foil strips that reflect the sun & scares them away?

    1. And what if there is no sun? This is Wisconsin not sunny California. But also they tend to do the most damage in the early morning before the sun is fully up. They don’t actually get hurt by these things.

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