Barking dogs

Oh my god the barking dogs. The Mexicans love their dogs and the barking that goes with that. The supermarket where I got coffee and bottled water often had 5 or 6 dogs tethered and viciously barking out side. I cannot say for sure if it was really vicious but I gotta go with my gut here. I was nervous (OK, I have the nervous-around-loud-or-jumping-dogs thing, but still) going just in the place required skirting the clamor of a pack of frenzied, snarling and seriously scary dogs. The Mexicans walked by them like “oh nice puppy” but me, I walked past pressed up against the edge of the building with my mouth open and teeth gritted.

But for all of that they were only a metaphor for my feet. OMG. These dogs were really barking.

I initially was writing this about the barking dogs in the park outside my hotel (shoot me) and when I wrote the post title subject it all came together.

I love the ❤️ Health feature on an iPhone. It automatically keeps track of how far you walk and probably a myriad other more nefarious things. But for this it seems harmless. That is more than I can say for the dogs tied outside the super mercado. Although I am sure they are harmless. In a loud, alarming, canine sort of way.

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