Bánh mì, redux

For one of my myriad bookclubs we read The Sympathizer a Pulitzer Prize winning book that is soon to be a Netflix series (or Hulu or some one of those dealios). It is a stunning piece of writing that takes place during and after the fall of Saigon. I mean, the writing is amazing, the story, well, you can just imagine.

Although Husoor picked the book, I made the meal and while I am not terribly familiar with Vietnamese food I am aware of, and have actually made, bánh mì. I am not sure if that is the bread or the sandwich but we had sandwiches made with the bread so covered both bases there.

I had attempted to make bánh mì before because I thought they might be the answer to my French baguette quest. They were not—once again fooled by the YouTube—but the recipe made great bánh mì. That is, I think they were great, I dunno, I have no real way of knowing.

In case you are unaware, the French colonized Vietnam before we went in and made a mess of it but not before the Vietnamese adopted the French baguette and began filling them with chicken and/or pork, and various fresh and pickled vegetables. So I made them, the bread, and then we stuffed them with the various accoutrements. They were good. Again, I think they were. We didn’t have anyone from Vietnam here to tell us differently so I’m going with it.

After reading the book I am not sure I’d want to have to face anyone from Vietnam anyway.

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