Bananas > banana bread > bread pudding

My mother is a great source of on-the-edge-of-rotting bananas. And I am a great source of banana bread. It’s so easy to make and most people love it. I made 2 huge loaves and sliced one up a loaf to take to work. But then I forgot it on my counter. When I got home it was stale of course and not wanting to waste it I made banana bread pudding with chocolate chips and coconut.

I gave it to my niece and nephew so I was not tempted to eat it because this is the kind of thing I’d eat completely standing at the counter in one swell foop. I don’t know if they liked it. They wouldn’t tell me if they’d just scraped it onto the sink and disposalized it.  And in any event, too much time passes between dinners and even then there are so many other distractions like feeding kids and changing diapers so remembering to talk about the dessert you left 2 weeks ago isn’t generally on the list of discussion topics.

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