Bánh mì

This is the Vietnamese version of French Bread albeit in sandwich roll form. We’re reading The Sympathizers for one of my myriad bookclubs. It’s a fantastic book which takes place in Viet Nam (and other places) and since it was Husoor’s pick, he’s making Vietmanese food. I volunteered to make the bánh mì. No promises.

This was my first attempt.

It all went well until they were baked and I attempted to remove them from the loaf pan. The bread was nice and definitely good enough for a sandwich but, um, that goddam pan. It’s always something.

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  1. The meal isn’t for another 2 weeks. I have only had báhn mí in Copenagen. I have no idea if there’s anything around here. As for the menu, you will have to ask Husoor. He is currently in India though.

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