Back in the USA for a sec

Before I left I made a family meal. Greek. The meal included feta stuffed fry bread. But I decided not to fry but bake it instead. This worked in theory but in reality the cheese held the bottom down while the top rose. Not that they were bad, they just weren’t what I expected. The inside was sorta empty. Nonetheless, they were delicious. But what was really delicious was the next day when I browned one under the broiler, slathered it with butter and ate it with eggs. OMFG! So fine.

OK, back to Berlin

2 Replies to “Back in the USA for a sec”

  1. Why so much back & forth? Or am
    I supposed to only comment on food?
    Anyway, I feel like I know your left hand. I would recognize it anywhere. 🥰

  2. You can comment on what you want to comment on. Back and forth? To Berlin? I never got to Berlin. I went back to Milwaukee because there were no flights to Berlin on Christmas Eve or Day. My only option was a flight back. After that I had to wait to recover sufficiently before I could manage another trip.

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