I have recently discovered the Bon Appetit YouTube videos. This is riveting viewing. Seriously. Every recipe they make (with the exception of most of the fish things—curried salmon, jesus god no) makes me want to make it. While I find all of them engaging, each of the chefs has a distinct style and their own set of annoying foibles. For instance, Andy Baraghani, seen way below, ends every sentence by raising his voice like it’s a question. He also wears tight t-shirts so everyone can see his muscles. (Not that I mind that)

I also like that they do not actually have recipes. Or tell you ingredient amounts. It’s just about cooking and food concepts. They don’t, like they incessantly do on the cooking shows (I’m lookin’ at you Cook’s Complicated), explain that you must wash your goddam hands.

They also always look like they are enjoying themselves and each other, and in general having a good time. I am jealous. 

 Carla Lalli Music and Claire Saffitz

Molly Baz and Chris Morocco 

Chis Morocco with Andy Baraghani who seems to be in the background constantly

And Andy Baraghani and his muscles

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