Athens—The Acropolis

It has been his boyhood dream to see the Acropolis. We bought tickets on line and read that the “south” (as if I ever know what direction I am heading in) entrance was less crowded. Fortunately he has better navigation skills (or at least I tell him that so I can blame him when things go wrong) so we headed off for the south entrance early in the morning. I cannot imagine what the main entrance was like.

You can just imagine how proud I was to be an American. Him shrieking into his phone. I don’t know where his wife was but I had a brief moment of sadness for her and then for the other people who were on the tour with him.

Yes, there was a lot of this. This is just how things are now and Carolyn Hax tells me I need to lower my expectations. I have. And the irony of this that I, too, am doing this same thing is not lost on me.

Despite the crowds getting in, once you were in it wasn’t all that hard to find places to be able to experience the fabulousness of it all. It was worth it. Although I would not want to see what the hell the afternoon crowd looked like. The next day would be the Acropolis museum.

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