Asian research

You know how when you’re waltzing through the Asian cabinet and drawers in your kitchen and you find all these things you didn’t know you had because you bought and used them once 112 years ago? Probably you don’t. OK, of course you don’t. I do though.

I made a soup (keto) of cabbage, celery, mushrooms, a little carrot and onion (carrots and onions are not too keto because they have too much sugar in them) and then I decided to play guinea pig and try all of these Asian sauces I’ve collected over the years, in or on the soup, respectively, to discover what they actually were.

Würze is German. You know, German . . . Chinese, close enough. But it tastes like a weak version of soy sauce. Some of these were super hot. The spicy black bean garlic sauce being the hottest of them. The pickled chilis were also pretty freaking hot as well (but delicious). Chili crisp sounds hotter than it is. The stuff in the right lower corner was actually very sweet berry-flavored tofu. This did not work as well with the cabbage soup as one would expect.

So now I know what they all are I just have no idea what to do with them.

I ended up eating the entire pot of soup and feel like possibly that, with eating an entire head of cabbage, what seemed to be about 4 cups of salt, and enough spicy, chili-ish things to frighten a dragon, there might be repercussions. I will discuss these at a later date. In detail.

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  1. Sounds like a fun game. I don’t have Wurze but I have all the rest and more as well as some cabbage. I had to get chili crisps and have yet to even open the jar!

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