Arrivals and departures

Don’t get me wrong. The problem with my arrival was not the subway, the streets, or the surly public servants. The problem was my suitcase. It is twice the size I needed and for some reason and I seriously do not understand why, it is uncarriably heavy. There is nothing in it that is heavy except for 2 bottles of Chilula. And they’re not big ones. (At the moment I am hoping they are appropriately wrapped and cushioned ’cause that would be a world class nightmare).

The real takeaway was the amazingly easy arrival from Newark. This was eye opening. The trains run every 10 minutes and took maybe 15 minutes from start to finish at Penn Station, OK, after that you’re on your own but really getting from LaGuardia is a good hour, possibly 2, and $75 later. This cost $13. Once you’re at Penn Station you can get to anywhere. Including the F train and it’s a lot easier if you are not wheeling a refrigerator with you.

Right now I am in the SAS business class lounge in the Newark airport. I’m not complaining. I have worse things to complain about like the thing we have as president, but this place is completely packed. I hope they have decent wine. I am a little perturbed by the guy sitting near me who is eating an apple (boring) and drinking a glass of water (double boring). Oh God, I have to move way from him. Not because of what he is consuming but because he is watching his iPhone and laughing out loud. I wish there were somewhere to move to.

On further reflection maybe he is not drinking because he is high on drugs. He is dancing in his chair right now. I am relatively certain he will be on my flight in the seat next to me. That’s how things seem to work out. Maybe I’ll go get a cookie.

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