Are you kidding me?!!!?

Shortly after the new year as I was swanning through my house in Greek tasseled scuffs, Azerbaijani silk smoking jacket and Egyptian Lavant fez drinking a glass of exceptional 2021 Rodney Strong I ran across the Taste Atlas Awards. The best dishes in the world.

I spat my wine across the fine Corinthian leather of my settee and ottoman in horror and confusion.

If I’ve eaten maybe 3 of these dishes I’d be shocked. I am familiar with a few others and recognize some other words but this list is an utter and absolute mystery to me.

Apparently I am not as cosmopolitan as I’d envisaged.

4 Replies to “Are you kidding me?!!!?”

  1. I was swanning around too, and after reading your post, I too, spat. (Red wine on my fine Aubusson carpet. Ruined now.)
    Let’s agree to ignore this list. Meaningless. No coleslaw? No meatloaf?

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