Apples. So, apple crisp

Apple season. You gotta love it.

I made this easy and decadent thing. I thought I was making something healthy (and I present it as such to the various recipients of a bowl of it) but it’s a ton of butter, sugar and brown sugar. I suppose the apples healthy it up a bit but no matter what it’s delicious and I serve it with cream if it’s lunch or ice cream at dinnertime which adds a really healthful dimension.

5 Replies to “Apples. So, apple crisp”

  1. I was honored to recently share this exceptional apple crisp with Michael.
    (Focus on the photo with fruit and color-coordinated tray mat.)
    In the background, Telemann’s Oboe Concertos. Dazzling.
    Yours was a very comforting and delicious recollection of long-ago family Fall desserts.
    Thank you.

    1. I forgot about that, it was super annoying. She should have just said graham crackers, duh. Well, I haven’t thought of it in years, but ironically, in Eastcastle she ALWAYS had real candy kisses in her candy jar or little dishes set out around her condo. Maybe in Delafield, too. Maybe that was always her hope and dream that finally came true.

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