Apparently you cannot put a slow cooker crock in the oven

I needed it for the Chicken Sloppy joes for my nephew’s baby shower and pulled it out. I use the damn thing once every 10 years locating it was nearly a sisyphean endeavor but I did and then when my slow cooker was cooking a little too fast (there is no way change that, it has 2 settings, not-hot and way-too-hot) I put it in the oven at a low temperature and the freaking handle melted (just on the exterior, not inside). Fortunately there is the google for issues like this. The new handle arrived the next day. Unfortunately I was not home and it sat on my front porch for 2 days. And no one stole it!!!!

So I put the new handle on once the crock was cleaned and put it away for another ten years.

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