Another Month of Pain

I have to be honest. I didn’t do all that well this past January. Oh sure I lost some weight but not that much. I was pretty casual about what I ate and by the middle of the month when I took the break from not drinking, I pretty much just fell right off the wagon then. My pants have suggested I might want to move away from the buffet table, as it were.

So now I am going to Germany, the new residence of the Royal Indian Mounted Food Control Police (the Germans think they’ve cornered the market on following rules and ducks-in-a-row…wait’ll they catch his action) and I need to drop some elbows before I go. Not just so I don’t look like a stuffed sausage when I arrive, but so that I can, with impunity, stuff some sausages down my yap when I get there and not worry too much.

I have a month. I figure I can lose 5 pounds a week so I’m planning a 20 pound weight loss in April. Just kidding, I’d be fine with 5 in a month and that seems doable.

So I made this handy dandy chart for myself. This is a week’s worth of diet. The big box is for my daily weight. The little ones are so I can check the boxes when I’ve accomplished the mission. So if for breakfast, for instance, I have 1/4 cup of cottage cheese I check the box, but if I have bacon and pancakes, then I do not. There is ZERO chance I will be having pancakes for breakfast so that one is safe. My bigger issue is the gray box, forbidden food. When I get home from work I am ravenous. I have a bag of chips there right now and I can see that while it is not opened and this makes it safer for me, it’s just not good to have that sort of thing in the house. Ditto for cookies or pretzels or, Jesus, any goddam thing that isn’t a carrot or celery.

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