And so it begins

Peppers are notoriously hard to get to germinate and then grow. The return is often not worth effort and once, in my past life, I got a flat of them to sprout and set them in the sun, some bird clipped off every single sprout. Didn’t eat them, just bit them all off.

And yet . . . here we are. Apparently I never learn. Although I did learn a fair amount of German, I’m not sure that helps in the garden.

One has sprouted. I am not setting it (them) in the sun.

2 Replies to “And so it begins”

  1. I’ll happily provide good farmers’ market peppers to you. Along with other veggies.
    And bratwurst.
    You did a wonderful thing for Milwaukee and the Brewers by “growing” those racing sausages. Good show!

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