And even more redemption

Not one to take rejection (if I can call it that) lying down, my cracker friend who’d suggested Crave as the best burger in town, was just not having it when I wrote that it was good but not great. So I went for a second time. And this time on my cracker friend’s dime. (Some folks will go to great lengths to prove a point.)

And it was a lot better, in fact it was a really good burger. After conferring with the Mr, I came to the conclusion that the buns we’d had the first time were not toasted as they were this second time. That seemingly small detail made a huge difference. If it had had au poivre sauce on it I’d declare it the best burger in town. Sadly, it did not.

I suppose I will have to take MCF to Elsa’s for a conclusive comparison.

6 Replies to “And even more redemption”

  1. Triscuit accepts with pleasure your kind invitation
    to enjoy a burger at Elsa’s.

    However, Triscuit has some reservation about being referred to as a cracker. Some might take offence with the term “cracker”
    considering the history. The term “cracking the whip” in the antebellum South spoke of crackers committing a repulsive action and in the UK it could refer to one who is bonkers. Certainly no such insults were intended by such a gentleman as thou.

    1. If one might take offense at being called a cracker one might not have chosen a cracker as one’s nom de plume. There are many other food items that would have worked quite well, cookies, for instance, or cruciferous vegetables, sausages come to mind, oh, the possibilities are limitless. Be that as it may, I am sorry if I caused offense and will attempt to devise another metaphor for future use. Although possibly MCF will suffice in the short term. I will circle back ’round for a dinner date once my life has settled down to something closer to frantic as opposed to insanely chaotic.

  2. Triscuit gratefully accepts your friendship whether as cracker (MCF) or not. Triscuit has gone through difficult times, too, and has your back. (Triscuit had considered “Baguette” as a nom de plume, but it seemed too bulky.)
    Carry on MBF. (B is for brilliant.)

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