American food addendum

After my post yesterday my sister sent me this link to point out that there are good American foods. And yes, there are plenty of good American food stuffs.

The list of the 50 best (in their opinion) American foods features such things as Mac n Cheese.

Of course there are all sorts of delicious food that I love and actually do make. Key lime pie, (sadly relegated to #50 on this list), hamburgers, popcorn and potato chips, meatloaf, muffuletta sandwiches and pot roast.

And, God yes, apple pie.

Chicago style pizza, yes, please.

Nachos, ooh mama. Totally.

There are also some less than pride-inducing things like Twinkies, Frito-pie. Twinkies, which by the way, clock in at like #34. We’ve got beef jerky, tater tots, GORP and fortune cookies. While I would eat most of the things on the list I would not challenge some Portuguese guy with a peanut butter sandwich against a pastel de nata. Or a banana split vs crêpe suzettes. I mean would you challenge an Italian holding a plate of pasta (take your pick) with a hot dog?!?

Good luck with that.

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