Also on the plus side

Pumpkin cheesecake pie was a smash hit. Fortunately I was able to make it 2 days in advance so I had adequate time to clean up. It wasn’t all that difficult to make, unlike other cheesecakes this does not require a water bath but somehow it ranks up there with the messier individual food items I’ve ever produced.

Still it was really good and good for people who don’t really like pumpkin.

You’d think that no one who’d eaten would want dessert. We had 2 kinds of green beans, 2 kinds of sweet potatoes, a winter salad, roasted carrots, roasted beets, Brussels sprouts, the dilly rolls (I hate that name), mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey. How could anyone eat more.

Not only was the pumpkin cheesecake completely eaten, my sister’s massive apple slab pie was also decimated. I did manage to get a piece of that and it was fabulous.

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